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                                Big Danny


Vi har modtaget nedenstående Invitation til kastekonkurrencen Big Danny, fra Danny Moeskops.

Hvis der er nogen interesserede kan han kontaktes på: centuryformula@hotmail.com

Vi har ikke hørt om interesserede dansker endnu, men nogle af tyskerne skal formodentlig derned, så Dirk kan kontaktes på: info@surfcasting.de


Hi casters
With this mail you have the official invitation for the Big Danny invitation on 19 and 20 of april in 
Kalmthout .


The field is situated in the two Streets ,, beverdonkstraat ,, gageltjes    in the town Kalmthout


Small google maps link of the location:  http://goo.gl/GYudTl


Format of the competition is kept  very easy ,longest cast of each day to a total


Leads will be provided  and need to be used with the right kind of line


Lines and Shockleaders need to be of a high visual colour


There wil be a lunch on the field in the way of  Belgian Chips and a choice of 7 meat snacks ( typical Belgian chipshop)


fresly cooked  for the duration  of two hours  ,,you can eat as much as you want,,


Drinks will be possible to buy for economical prices,,   Pepsi ,fanta ,sprite


The entry fee is 50 euros for two days wich includes lunch ,leads,, etc


Please  confirm  names of casters before 1st of march


If you have any questions  please let me know 


Accomodation list






http://www.hannekentas.be/accommodatie.html           self catering




Danny Moeskops